On December 5, 2018 General Assembly of SHRSC of ANAS was held
Dec 05, 2018 | 11:02

Firtly, the annual report of J.Mammadov who is the chairman of the trade union at SHRSC was heard at the meeting agenda. M.Mammadov spoke about participation in cultural events, organizational activities carried out throughout the year, as well as activities carried out in the SHRSC structures and cultural events organized by the Sheki City Executive Authority throughout the year and cleaning work, and participation in the tree-growing companies. At the same time, he also delivered a speech on the activities of the SRSC staff in connection with the organization of holidays, celebration of significant days. During the discussion, the SHRSC 's leading researcher, Professor F.Ibrahimov, b. Ph.D. Bakirov and others noted that they consider the activity of the Trade Union satisfactory.

Information about the second issue on the agenda was given by PhD. Docentent Y.Shukurlu in connection with the fulfillment of the tasks arising from the Order of the Presidium of ANAS dated November 23, 2018, No. 733. He specifically emphasized the tasks arising from the decree to increase the authority of the department heads and emphasized the importance of strengthening focus and control in the future.

Information of the third issue on the agenda was given by the Deputy Director of SHRSC for Scientific Affairs, Sr. PhD Fazyl Azizov about the most important scientific results achieved by SRSC in 2018. I was decided to study the scientific results obtained in separate departments and to prepare a report and present it.

At the meeting, discussions were held on the activities of the SHRSC, as well as the heads of departments responsible for the preparation of reports on the joint scientific and technical activities concluded with other organizations included in the structure of ANAS.

A final decision was made at the meeting to assess the annual performance.