Azizov Farhad Shirin

Doctor of philosophy on biology

Azizov F.Sh. has begun his works at Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences from 1974. He began his scientific activity in Shaki Regional Scientific Base from1974 as junior research worker in May. He entered   post-graduate study of “Genetics and Selection” institute in 1976 and has defended the dissertation  theme of “Biochemical composition of  Buckthorn plant and investigation of biologically active substances“  in the Scientific Council of Uzbekistan republic, Tashkent city SA “Bioorganic Chemistry” institute, and has got scientific degree of Candidate of Biology Sciences .

He has worked as great scientific researcher in Shaki Scientific Investigation Base’s “Genetic Resources” institute of ANAS since 1989 till 2014.

In accordance with the approved thematic plan from 2004, “Collection of cultivated and wild plants, studying and research them, enriching of genetic resources concerning Azerbaijan national selection” has been fulfilled quite well.Azizov Farhad has been studying the additional theme of “Collection and investigation of Shaki region wild fruit plants” from 2010.

 Azizov Farhad is working as Deputy Director on scientific work in SHRSC on November 10, 2014, and approved as Deputy Director on Scientific Work position in SHRSC by the decision of ANAS Presidium of January 21, 2015.

He has received four authorship certificates, one patent, one certificate for rationalization proposals, 20 scientific articles and one scientific popular book have been published in the country and abroad journals during the years.