Abdurahmanov Vugar Abulfat

Doctor of philosophy on mathematics

 Abdurahmanov Vuqar Abulfat has graduated the Mechanics- mathematics faculty of Baku State University in 1994 with honors diploma, begun to work as mathematics teacher in 1994-2005 years, in Shaki areas. From 2004 he has worked in the Nature Science and Teaching Method" department of Shaki Branch of the ASPU as a teacher. He has been a candidate for a degree of the “Mathematics and Mechanics” institute of the ANAS of Azerbaijan from 2007 and in 2011defended the dissertational work in the theme of "Limited Theorem of First Getting Instant Trajectory of Markov Chain and Applying Them" and received scientific degree of doctor of philosophy on mathematics in 2012. Abdurahmanov Vuqar is a head teacher in the Nature Science and Teaching Method" department from 2009. He was appointed to the post of Scientific Secretary in the NASA, ShRSC from December, 2014.

 He is the author of 31 scientific articles and theses.