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Scientific results, success and achievements in the 2018 research year

     Silkworm breeds “Yagub” and “Chingiz” and hybrids “Yagub x Chingiz” and “Chingiz x Yagub” created at RNC in Sheki of ANAS are presented to the State Service for Registration of Plant Seeds and Seed Control under the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan Republic in 2016. By order of this department on February 14, 2019, new breeds of the silkworm “Yagub” and “Chingiz” and hybrids “Yagub x Chingiz” and “Chingiz x Yagub” were granted a patent and permission for breeding. them in all relevant regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

     Studied gravestones on the territory of the Oguz region, dating back to the 18th - early 20th centuries, show that these monuments, being the subject of common Azerbaijani culture, have similarities in design compared to other areas of the region. Epigraphic samples from this territory are characterized by the smallest number of symbols, quotations and hadiths both in quality and in ornament.

     Due to the high content of suitable proteins for human nutritional needs, ease of preparation and taste of amaranth, interest in this plant has increased since the 70s of the 20th century. Studies of amaranth plants in the laboratories of the ShRNTS ANAN, which mainly determine the physicochemical parameters of the oil obtained by cold pressing and seed extraction, show that the cultivation of amaranth in the north-western region of Azerbaijan has great prospects.

    Studies conducted by ANAS Sheki REM show that among the folklore samples collected from the Oguz region, small genres predominate, and the onomostatic units used in these samples prove that the folklore samples belong to this region.

    It has been determined that the number of stamens in the generative organs of 15 varieties of pears identified in the Sheki-Zakatala region, belonging to popular selection, varies in the limit of 17.1-25.0. The use of these varieties as a pollinator makes it possible to obtain high results in the upcoming breeding work.

     It was established that the richness of flora and fauna of biogeocenoses of Goverdere and Filfilli located in the region of Oguz happens because of presence of 21 views of rocks of a deposit in line with the river of Dashagylchay and 24 types in line with the river of Galachay, belonging to the Cretaceous and Jurassic Period.

     The medicinal plant Physalis (Physalis L.), growing in wild form in the north-western region of Azerbaijan, contains in fruits and leaves up to 10% of dry matter, up to 4.5% sugar, up to 1.2% organic acids, ascorbic acid up to 100 mg, 0.1% carotene, 0 45% pectin and other jelly substances, thiamine, minerals, phytoncide, up to 2.5% protein. The number of trace elements contained in the fruits of Physalis, was determined in Sheki RSC ANAS: K, Na, Mg, Ca, Ti, Mn, Cr, Fe Ni, Cu, Rn, Zn, Zr, Sr, Al, Ba, Nb, where K, Na, Mg, Ca and Al are significantly higher than other trace elements.

     The coordinates of waterfalls that are not yet noted in scientific sources are determined: “Hudcare” N - 41˚17`37``; E - 47 -15`05`` (h = 14.8 m) and "Candirsallian" N - 41˚17`38``; E - 47˚17`08`` (h = 6.0 m), which are located at an altitude of 1668 meters above sea level in a tributary of the Kish-Damarchin River. The values of these natural monuments in the development of ecotourism are investigated.

     On May 30th the 2018th year together with the Shaki executive power the scientific and practical conference on a subject was held: "The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic - history of our glory and advantage", ADR devoted to the 100 anniversary from the date of creation.

    In 2018, the staff of the Sheki RSC ANAS published: 1 monograph, 2 books, 3 methodical and 3 textbooks with a stamp. Employees of the Scientific Center in 2018 took part in the International Conferences in Turkey - 5, in Ukraine - 1, and also one employee took part in a 30-day training at the Central Sericultural Research and Training Institute (CSRTI), Mysuru in India, Published 24 theses and 30 articles, of which 2 articles in foreign journals.

     During the year, AzerTaJ and ARB are regularly covered, articles in the newspapers "Regional Media" and "Municipality of Sheki" are published, and materials on the results, achievements and successes are posted on website of the Shaki RSC of ANAS.


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