An employee of Sheki Regional Scientific Center spoke at the International conference
Oct 30, 2023 | 11:00

On October 27, 2023, Habil Khalilov, an employee of the Department of History, Archeology and Epigraphy of SRSC, spoke at the International Scientific Conference "Religion and Life in Turkey in the 100th Year of the Republic" held in Malatya, Republic of Turkey, "Religious politics and its influence in the early periods of the Tsarist Russia and Soviet Russia" Elshan Abdurahmanov, a scientific worker of the Department of History, Archeology and Epigraphy, and Habil Khalilov, a member of the same department, delivered a thesis on the topic of "Effect on religious life in the city of Sheki, Azerbaijan".

The speaker said that the research on the impact of the policies carried out during the period of the Tsarist Russia and Soviet Russia on the political, economic and religious life of Azerbaijan was conducted on the basis of scientific works, newspaper and archival materials, as well as materials obtained from the personal archives of religious figures and pointed out that issues such as limiting the activity of madrasahs, promoting "Scientific atheism", and having a radical attitude towards religion and religious figures were involved in the research.