The 12th of December memorial day of National leader Haydar Aliyev
Dec 12, 2022 | 11:00

The ceremony dedicated to the memorial day of National Leader Haydar Aliyev  was held in December 12 in the hall of ANAS Sheki RSC. First of all the memory of the National leader remembered with a minute of silence. The director of Sheki RSC, PhD on physics, docent Y.H.Shukurlu denoted that December 12 is celebrated as the memorial day of our National leader with a great gratitude and love of the people. Life and creation of outstanding political figure turned a source of pride of every Azerbaijanian. He noted the National leader H.Aliyev as an outstanding character, an ordinary mind, an innate talent and a wise statesman.

Then the employees of Scientific Center, head of “Historical heritage and crafts” department I.Yusifova, head of “Historical heritage and ethnography” department R.Hasanov, scientific researcher of “Folklore and crafts” department Tural Adishirinov performed and shared their opinions about th historical servise of the National leader Haydar Aliyev.

At the end the video dedicated to National leader Haydar Aliyev was demonstrated.