According to the researcher Yusif Shukurlu, the "Moon Goddess" Selena has been discovered on the bas-relief discovered in Danavec
Sep 20, 2022 | 12:00

Sheki, September 19, Mustafa Dadashov, AZERTAC

When viewed from the sky, the image of a woman looking at the moon comes to life in a bas-relief 100 meters long and 70 meters wide. Yusif Shukurlu, director of the Sheki Regional Scientific Center of ANAS, Ph.D. on physics and mathematics, says based on his research that the "Moon goddess" Selene is depicted in this huge bas-relief discovered in Danavec.

Danavec is a grassland area located in the Sheki district of the North-West region of Azerbaijan, the air distance from the center of Bash Shabalid village is 6840 meters. A well-known scientist discovered the bas-relief "Moon goddess" created by our ancestors here.

AZERTAC's regional correspondent visited the Regional Scientific Center to learn more about the scientist's research on the Danavec area and learned Yusif Shukurlu's opinion on the subject. According to the scientist, the word "Danavec" means Dan, that is, Tan (God), the word "vech" is not used freely, it is a word ending that means dwelling. For example, Sweden means "east", Norway means "north" lands (dwellings). The word "Danavec" is used in the sense of God's abode (place of pilgrimage). Danavec is considered a part of Bash Shabalid village. In the part of the village up to Danavec, there used to be settlements called Caraf, Cincarlı, Fırpalıd. Danavech is geographically located in the east of Bash Shabalid village. In this village, the Sun is "Born from Danavec!" It is based on this that the plain is called Danavech (the place where God is).

 "The monument I found in Danavec was carved on a rock near the Temple of Moon Worship and is a bas-relief of the Moon Goddess Selena. Most Albanian tribes are known to worship the Moon God. There - in Danavec, the "Temple of the Moon Goddess" was not built in honor of the "Moon Goddess" Selena, and probably it will not be difficult to determine the location of that temple as well", Yusif Shukurlu pointed out.

Yusif Shukurlu said: "Our ancestors settled along the valley on the slope of the Great Caucasus rising towards the East. Therefore, the Sun was born from the DANAVEC side. As in the whole Turkic world, they also recognized the East as the place where God resides. In primitive times, our ancestors could not cross the Great Caucasus for a long time - centuries in search of Dan - God. That is why the ancient places of pilgrimage in Bash Shabalid are still known. In this respect, Bash Shabalid village is unique! Bikagiz - Bikagiz was the pilgrimage of the grandmother, the Chinar, the Ojak, the Church, and the regional center of Muslimism. Danavec steppe belongs to Bash Shabali. Our ancestors recognized it as the abode of the Gods, because to us - only in Bash Shabalid, the sun is born from there. Vec was also one of the indicators of our - that is, the Azerbaijani Turks - it showed the side, the direction, the direction - but not the road, but the direction of settlement."

The scientist believes that there are still many obscure issues about Danavec and deep research is needed. There is a great need for joint research by archaeologists, historians, and cultural figures.