The research of Sheki literary environment continues in Sheki RSC of ANAS
May 07, 2021 | 04:52

Kamil Adishirinov, a leading scientific worker of “Folklore and crafts” department of Sheki RSC, PhD on Philology, has been studying the literary environment of Sheki for many years. He has already published several monographs, dozens of articles on the study of this field, as well as several books reflecting the work of representatives of the Sheki literary environment. In the first months of 2021, several more articles were published in authoritative scientific publications as a result of Kamil Muallim's work. His article named “Bлияния Шекинского театра на формировании литературно-культурной среды города Шеки в Азербайджане в 70-90-х годов ХХ века” ("The role of Sheki theater in the formation of the literary and cultural environment of Sheki city in Azerbaijan in the 70-90s of the XX century") was published in Scientific publication of the Belgorod State Institute of Culture and Arts “Наука. Искусство. Культура” journal (1 (29) 2021), “Из истории театрального искусства в городе Шеки во второй половине XIX - начале XX века” (“ From the history of theatrical art in the city of Sheki in the second half of the XIX - beginning of the XX century ”)in the "News" of Kemerovo State University of Culture and Arts (542021),  "Development of means of artistic description and expression in the works of Yagub Mahir" was published in the magazine "Silk Road" of the University of Azerbaijan (№1. 2021). Congratulations to Kamil teacher, and wish him continued research.