A person whose memory is a book ...
Apr 14, 2022 | 12:00

An article by Reyhan Migdad Manafova, junior researcher of Sheki Regional Scientific Center of ANAS, dedicated to the memory of Doctor of Philology, Professor Kamran Aliyev was published on the website https://manera.az/index.php?newsid=14181.

There are people in life whose existence is as important for the future welfare, prosperity and development of society, country and people, and their absence is a great loss.

Today we remember the valuable intellectual, honored scientist, professor, writer, publicist, and my beloved teacher, worthy man Kamran Aliyev. His absence created a huge void inside me. In one corner of my heart I wanted to write a few sentences in memory of my dear teacher, whom I always remember with love, value, listen to every word and every advice, listen to every lecture with special interest, and bring it back to life, even on paper. In fact, history itself lives and will live people like him. I just wanted to write to express my experiences. I can't say how much it will cost, but I owe it to myself to express these sincere feelings.