The conference dedicated to “Knowledge day” in Balakan.
Mar 29, 2019 | 12:47

On March 29, 2019 scientific-practical conference on the theme of “Without knowledge, world, what is your worth?” dedicated to “Knowledge day” together with Balakan Executive Power and Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences was held in Balakan region. The participants of conference put flowers in front of the monument of Haydar Aliyev and were met by Islam Rzayev, Balaken Executive Power. At the conference Deputy of the head of Balakan Region Executive Power, head of “Public-political and humanitarian issues” department Nezaket Rustemova made opening speech. Director of SRSC, PhD on physics-mathematics, docent Yusif Shukurlu valued “Knowledge day”. Reports on 9 themes were presented at the conference. Doctor of pedagogical sciences Firedun Ibrahimov “Science and its development tendency”, head of “Historical Heritage and Ethnography” department Rahim Hesenov “Science and education policy of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic”, leading scientific worker of “Folklore and Crafts” department, PhD on philology Kamil Adishirinov “Balakan-Sheki literary relationship (based on Suragat Gurbani’s creativity)”, head of Azerbaijan Writers Union Vagif Aslan “Mystic triad in Azerbaijan literature (Sheykh Ahmad Yasevi, Yunis Imre, Nesimi)”, head of humanitarian subjects department of Sheki brunch of ASPU, PhD on history Vusal Bakhishov “Azerbaijan Democratic Republic Assembly – About the activity of people presenting Zagatala district in the parliament”, head of “Genefund of plants and biodiversity” department, dissertate of ANAS Institute of Genetic Resources Joshgun Memmedov “Popularization of science is a requirement of modern times”, scientific worker of SRSC “Ecological geography” department, dissertate of Institute of Geography named academician H. Aliyev “Society and educated woman”, head of “Selection of mulberry silkworm” department PhD on biology Guduret Bekirov “Role of new silkworm breeders and hybrids in raising productivity”, scientific worker of “Historical Heritage and Ethnography” department, PhD on history Akif Memmedli “Historiography of North-Western Azerbaijan history in XIX-XX centuries” were presented to conference participants. The reports were listened with curiosity. Director of SRSC, PhD on physics mathematics put an end to the conference.