Scientrfic Seminar abaut Development of Sereculture in Zagatala
Sep 27, 2017 | 11:24

The seminar was held in Zagatala region on the theme of “The development of sericulture in Azerbaijan with modern innovative technologies” in the frame of “Innovative events packet and preparing agro-ecological model on the development of agrarian field in the instance of north-west region of Azerbaijan” project financed by Science Development Fund near the President of the Azerbaijan Republic.

     The seminar was realized with the organization of Sheki Regional Scientific Center of Azerbaijan National Scientific Center and with the support of Zagatala Executive Power and with the help of Zagatala Agricultural department of Ministry of Agriculture of AR.

      After the deputy director of Zagatala Executive Power on agrarian issues Ilkin Shefizade’s entry word, the director of Sheki Regional Scientific Center, PhD on physics Yusif Shukurlu informed about the goals and tasks of the project and reported on the theme of “Application of innovations in the production of ecological pure silk”.

      Deputy director on scientific works of Scientific Research Agriculture Institute of Ministry of Agriculture of the Azerbaijan Republic, PhD on biology Nizami Hummetov presented about “The influence of changing soil characteristics to the development and productivity of plants”, the chief of the Gakh Pedigree Station of the Ministry Ekrem Feteliyev about “Current position and development perspectives in cocoon grain production”, the chief of Zagatala Agricultural department of the Ministry Khalis Mahalov about “The existing position of sericulture and upcoming tasks in Zagatala region”, department head of ANAS Genetic Resources Institute, PhD on biology Ayaz Memmedov about “Learning mulberry silkworm with molecular genetic methods”.

      The themes were listened by the participants with curiosity, at the end they were discussed, proposals were registered.

      At the seminar 36 people participated, so they were responsible employees of Gakh, Zagatala Executive Power and Agricultural department, also the delegations from 20 administrative areas of Zagatala region, advanced clusters, farmers, mass media delegations.

     According to the united opinion of the participants it was adopted an important role in enlightenment of clusters and was noted its importance of organizing in the future.