Meeting of the doctorates of ANAS SRSC with the students in Sheki brunch of ASPU
Jun 01, 2017 | 04:25

Vice-rector of the university on scientific works Gulare Abdullayeva who started a conversation with the graduate students in Conference room of Sheki brunch of ASPU wished success the students in their future life. She appealed students to the moral benevolence in the progress of states, the well-being of nations. Gulare khanim quoted from N.Ganjavi and called the young to the new stage of education.

In the event, assistant director on scientific works of Sheki Regional Scientific Center ANAS, PhD on biology Farhad Azizov reported on the theme “Popularization of science is the demand of the period”. The assistant director noted his recommendation about enlarging innovative scientific-research circle, importance of being involved to scientific action of the young, to the head of departments, Regional centers, and scientific-research Institutes, institutions and organizations, other ministries, comitees and scientific-research offices.  The reporter informed about enlarging information maintenance of science, being developed information resources on different science field, innovation of scientific-technical development, creating Popularization of science and relation with society in the structure of ANAS and also creating the same department in Sheki Regional Scientific Center. In knowledge economy condition for the reason of the discussion of innovative projects, applied perspectives, popularization of innovation in different science and technology field, and increasing the interest in public it was organized scientific popular program “Science and Innovation” and opened heading by Azerbaijan television and radio. In ANAS Sheki Regional Scientific Center it was realized many events about the above directions. Young researchers and scholars participated in both local and International scientific conferences and symposiums and performed with reports. In 2015 the young researchers participated in Turkey-twice, and in Russia-once, and were published 12 articles and thesis.  In 2016 the participated 3 foreign, 4 local conferences and were published 26 articles and thesis.

Either Academy or SRSC will intended the direction in this field, and take care of the young in any direction.

Doctorates of ANAS Literature Institute, PhD on philology Kamil Adishirinov performed on the theme of preparing scientific staffs on regions with the help of ANAS Literature Institute directory and employees and was grateful to Academy directory, Literature Institute, and Sheki Regional Scientific Center directory.

Scientific worker of ANAS Sheki Regional Scientific Center, candidate for a degree of Geography Institute Aygun Ismailova reported on the theme “Future of the science depends on the potential and effort of the youth” and was grateful to Academy directory, Geography Institute and Sheki Regional Scientific Center. Director of ANAS SRSC, PhD on physics, docent Yusif Shukurlu reported the theme of “Our wish is to make new contributions to Azerbaijan science”. He informed that, in 2017, 1 person was attached to Literature Institute, 1 person to History Institute, 1 person to Physics Institute, 1 person to Radiation Research Institute, 1 person to Genetic Resources Institute, 1 person to Economy Institute, 1 person to Zoology Institute, 1 person to Information technologies Institute, 1 person to Information technologies Institute on computer devices and technology. In the event the director who introduced the students with the graduate students wished them who wanted to educate in master and doctorate stages to see in Sheki Regional Scientific Center.

At the end of the event a memorial picture was taken.