Masters visited Sheki
Nov 06, 2017 | 08:17

In the direction of applying science and education in industry and with the purpose of the students acquainting with the natural and anthropogenic recreation resources, tourism objects and production institutions the masters of Geography Institute and the faculty of geography of BSU visited Sheki till 2nd to 6th of November with the organization of ANAS Sheki Regional Scientific Center (SRSC), Baku State University and ANAS The Institute of Geography named academician H.A.Aliyev. 

      During the visit the employees of The Institute of Geography-PhD on geography, doc. Zaur Imrani, PhD on geography Metanet Musayeva and the employee of SRSC Yusif Rehimov informed the masters about nature and historical cultural monuments, some tourism and production objects.  

      The visit participants went to “Markhal” resort complex, Kish-Albanian temple belonged to I-IV centuries, History-Ethnography Museum, Sheki Khan's Palace and Caravanserai, and were informed about the history and traditions of the region. The masters watched pine forest in the nature, and observed flooded areas of Kish river. The participants watched production process in cocoon and other workshops of Sheki-Ipek AJSC and saw work process of new and old technologies and answered the questions to sellers in the shops of the products that produce this silk group of enterprises.

      The visit of masters to Sheki will play a great role in increasing their outlook and future actions.