A ceremony dedicated to “June 26 – Armed Forces Day” was held
Jun 24, 2022 | 12:00

The director of Sheki RSC PhD on physics, docent Y.H.Shukurlu offered to remember the souls of our compatriots with a minute of silence who died for independence and in the liberation of our lands from occupation. Docent Y.H.Shukurlu dealt with the self-sacrifice of each soldier and officer of our army under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief  I.Aliyev.  

Head of “Historical Heritage and Ethnography” department R.Hasanov reported “26 June- Armed Forces Day” and its essence.  He informed about honorable way leading “26 June”, the issues of ADR in the army construction.  R.Hasanov noted the long and honorable development way of army construction as a result of the efforts of the great leader H.Aliyev, also Supreme commander in chief I.Aliyev since the independence of Azerbaijan. The orator dealt with the richness of our national struggle and military history as a result of gained victory of the Azerbaijan Army under the leadership of mister I.Aliyev during the II Patriotic War.