Report-selection meeting was held in NAP Sheki Regional Scientific Center area party organization
Feb 22, 2022 | 02:00

Report-selection meeting was held in NAP Sheki Regional Scientific Center area party organization. In the meeting the report was listened, the action of area party organization in the period of report.    

Then organization issue was discussed. Y.Shukurlu was elected the chairman of NAP SRSC, Y.Rahimov – deputy chairman.

The chairman of NAP Sheki organization Dashgin Mikayilov made a speech in the meeting and informed about the innovation in the life of the party. It was noted that Azerbaijan which was face to face with the danger of division is the most successful young, winner state as a result of great policy realized by the former of modern Azerbaijan, creator of the New Azerbaijan Party, great leader Haydar Aliyev and the successful follower of his political course Ilham Aliyev. The name of Azerbaijan is in the first row in the rankings of the most prestigious organizations of the world. It is noted with great confidence that there will be a beautiful future in the coming years against the background of today's successes of Azerbaijan. Because Azerbaijan is already in the world's attention as a victorious state whose territorial integrity has been restored and reunited with its lands. The future of a state that put an end to 30 years of occupation in 44 days will undoubtedly be bright and sustainable. It is impossible to compare today's Azerbaijan with Azerbaijan in the first years of independence. Today, the citizens of Azerbaijan, living in the great hardships of those years, are among the happiest nations in the world. Based on the realities created by our victory, the New Azerbaijan Party, which has its share in every success of our country, tries to contribute to the restoration and construction work in the liberated lands, based on the decisions taken at its VII Congress. This goal calls on every member of the party to be more active.

 Dashgin Mikayilov who said that NAP SRSC area party organization is one of the exemplary local structures wished success to the organization in future action.