Next Session of Sheki Regional Scientific Center
Dec 26, 2018 | 12:27

The next meeting of the Sheki Regional Scientific Center was held on December 26, 2018. The presentation was of the report of SHRSC for 2018, SHRSC site monitoring, SHRSC employees' report on "Doctor of Science program" admission to doctoral studies, issues related to the decision of the Presidium of ANAS on 14 December 2018 17/4 on the republican competition of scientific research projects for young scientists.

Director of SHRSC, PhD on Physics, docent Yusif Shukurli informed the members of the Board about his argumentative opinions  on the Scientific Center’s avtivities in 2018. Presentation of SHRSC's report for 2018 was carried out by scientific secretary, PhD in mathematics Vugar Abdurahmanov. Members of the board were satisfied and glad with the honesty, excellence of the presentation as well as its argumentation and generalization of the results with visual representations.

Professor Firadun Ibrahimov informed about the monitoring of SHRSC website. He has drawn the attention of Council Members to the issues that are crucial to solve. F.Ibrahimov substantiated the importance of continuing the renewal of the site, expressing the necessity for each employee to observe the rules of procedure of joint action.

Director of the Scientific Center Yusif Shukurlu produced his opinions about the admission of SHRSC staff to doctorate in "Doctor of Sciences program” in the relevant institutes of ANAS.                      

The SRSC's Young Scholars Council Chairman, Rakhim Hasanov, informed about the decision of the Presidium of ANAS on the republican competition for scientific research projects for young scientists, focusing on the forthcoming tasks.

Researchers of SRSC were at the international conference

Researchers of the department of "Historical Heritage and Ethnography" of the Sheki Regional Science Center of ANAS Rakhim Hasanov, Elshan Abdurakhmanov, Aygul Khalilova, Ulkar Serkarova, Nargiz Asadullayeva have participated at III International Conference named after "World Azerbaijanis: History and Modernity" organized in Baku on 21-22 December 2018. Head of the Department of “Historical Heritage and Ethnography” Rahim Hasansov made reports the theme of  "Armenian provocations in Shaki Accidents in the First Quarter of the 20th Century", scientific worker Elshan Abdurakhmanov made a lecture "The First Middle Ages Christian Temples of Shaki Region of Ancient Albania", Aygul Khalilova, Ulker Sarkarova, Habil Khalilov Shaki  the theme of "Khan Cemetery "As historical-epigraphic source in the history of Azerbaijan”, Nargiz Asadullayeva made presentations on " Ornamental compositions on grave stones ". Diplomas and gifts were presented at the end of the conference.