Sheki Zone Scientific Database (ShZSD) was established at the Institute of Physics of the Academy to the decision dated  of Presidium  Azerbaijan SSR Academy Sciences April 14, 1972. The purpose of this enterprise is to further develop agriculture and industry of the Shaki-Zagatala economic region and applying the best achievements in the production.

No. 13/1 dated 16.04.1995 according to the decision of the Presidium of the Academy of Shaki Zone Scientific Database was given the status Center. Five research group has become a laboratory research Center and in addition two new laboratory - "To Study of Mudslides and Folklore and Crafts"  have been created and the number is 7.

In 2014, the new structural changes of the Sheki Regional Research Center of ANAS was carried out accordance with the Charter.

Sheki Regional Scientific Center of ANAS is carried out its activity approved by the Scientific Council of SRSC, approved authorized by the registered head office of Registration and Notary Statute by Ministry of Justice Republic of Azerbaijan and by the General Meeting of the SRSC of Scientific Counc