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Scientific results, success and achievements in the 2018 research year


For the purpose of obtaining cultivation and patents for various regions of the Republic, the "Yagub" and "Chingiz" silkworm breeds created at Sheki RSC of ANAS, as well as "Chingiz x Yagub", “Yagub x Chingiz” silkworm hybrids of the “Registration of Plant Varieties” (RPV) and “State Service for Seed Control” (SS SC) under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan and according to the order of RPV and SS SC on February 14, 2019, Shaki RSC's new silkworm breeds and breeds of hybrids were registered and allowed to grow in different regions of the Republic.

The gravestone monuments of the early 18th-20th centuries were studied by Sheki RSC in the Oghuz region and were found that these monuments are the subject of Azerbaijan culture and similar to the other regions of the Shaki-Zagatala region, and the epigraphic patterns in that area characterized by the lack of quantity of ornaments, symbols, verses and hadiths quantitative.

Due to its taste, ease of cooking, and the rich herbs that are suitable for human nutritional needs, the interest to the amaranth plant has evolved from the 70s of the 20th century. Research on amaranth plant in the Sheki RSC of ANAS, the investigation of the physical and chemical parameters of the fat taken from soybeans and extracted from the amaranth's seed shows that this plant has a high perspective in the North-West region of Azerbaijan.

Research conducted by ANAS Sheki RSC shows that small genres dominate among folklore samples collected from the Oghuz region, and the onomostic units used in these samples prove that they belong to the region.

It has been established that the number of males in the generic organs of 15 varieties of pear found in Shaki-Zagatala region and found that it has changed between 17.1-25.0 units. This feature allows you to use these types of pollen to get a better result in future breeding work.

It has been established that the fauna and flora richness of biogeocenoses are related because of the existence of 21 species of Dashagilchay deposits belonging to the Chalice and Jurassic sediments of the Govurdere and Filfilli in the Oguz region, and 24 species of rocks in the Kalachay deposit materials.

Widespread medicinal plant of Wild Groundcherry (Physalis L.) growing in the Northwest region of Azerbaijan contains up to 10% dry matter, up to 4.5% sugar, up to 1.2% organic acids, ascorbic acid up to 100 mg, 0.1% carotene, 0.45% pectin and other gel microelements, thiamine, minerals, phytosides and up to 2.5% protein and  for the first time the quantity of micro and macro elements in fruits and leaves of the containing K, Na, Mg, Ca, Ti, Mn, Cr, Fe, Ni, Cu, Rn, Zn, Zr, Sr, Al, Ba, Nb is set, moreover identified that K, Na, Mg, Ca, Al elements are higher than other microelements.

Until now, the names of Kish River in Damarç's branch have not been recorded in scientific sources and are at altitude 1668m above sea level, coordinates N-41˚17`37; E-47˚15'05 `` Khudgar '(height 14.8m), coordinates N-41˚17`38`; E-47˚17'08, the location of waterfalls of "Kandirsallayan" (6.0 m height) has been identified and the significance of these natural monuments in the further development of mountain tourism is being investigated.

Together with the Sheki Executive Power, the scientific-theoretical conference on "The 100th anniversary of the establishment of the People's Republic of Azerbaijan, the People's Republic of Azerbaijan - our history of honor and dignity" was held On May 30, 2018.

The Scientific Center staff published 1 monograph, 2 books, 3 methodical aids and 3 educational programs In 2018.  Researchers of the Scientific Center participated in the 5th international conference in Turkey in 2018 and 1 international conference in Ukraine. One of our staffs participated in the 30-day training in the Center of Silk Reseaches and Training of the Maysuru Center (CSRTİ, Maysuru) of India. Our employees have published 24 theses and 30  articles in scientific magazines whih 2 of them in abroad.

The information about the results, successes and activities that have been regularly achieved throughout the year has been published by AzerTAC, "Region Sheki", "Sheki Municipality" newspapers, ARB TV channel and SHRSC’s website.



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