Shukurlu Yusif Hacıbala

Doctor of philosophy on physical-mathematics, assistant professor

The presidium of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan has appointed the Doctor of philosophy on physic-mathematical, assistant professor ShukurluYusif Hacıbala to the post of Director of Shaki Regional Scientific Center with dated decision on 16 of October, in 2014. He has left the working place, entered post graduate course of the NASA Physics institute in the 1975 and at the same time he has been appointed to the post of laboratory assistant in ShRSC. He was elected  as a junior research worker in October, in 1976, transferred to Azerbaijan Radiation Problems Institute of the NASA by decision of the presidium of the Academy in September, in 1977, he worked there till 1987 as  Junior research worker, in 1987–90 years as head scientific worker. From 1990 year he is a head of "Biophysics" laboratory (at present " Biophysics" section).

ShukurluYusif  has got certificates 5 authorship, is  an author of 8 articles in the right of a deposit theses materials as manuscript, 11 reviews were printed in the scientific journals of scientific conferences and symposiums,  2 monographs, 2 work of art books, 17 articles. He has been presented for printing the school supplies named “General Course of Physics” to the publishing house. He is a member of the Azerbaijan Writers Union.

ShukurluYusif is a high-level lecturer, ripe scholar and gifted organizer. It was created "Biophysics" laboratory in ShRSC by his initiative and participation. “Physics Practicum” laboratory is active now in Shaki Branch of ATI that Shukurlu set up it. He was the head of “Nature sciences and teaching methods” department for a long years.