Zakirova Pakiza Israil



Azerbaijan  Republic , Shaki city




 Baku State University, Shaki  (1997-2001 - bachelor)

 Baku State University (2001-2003 - master)





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Azerbaijan literature

Arif Abdullazadeh's poetry

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3.     Jack London creativity and literary trends of the period. Materials of the XV Republican conference of doctoral students and young researchers. . Baku, 2011

4.     The language and style of Ahmet Cemil's poems.  II International Children's Literature Congress of Turkish Peoples. . Baku, 2012

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9.     Ancient roots and modern state of art in Sheki region of Azerbaijan.  Archeology and etnography. Baku, 2015, № 2

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14.  About some of the features of Arif Abzulladeh poetic speech. Journal of “Silk way” 2018, № 1.

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ASPU (Shaki), teacher (2003-2018)





Main place of work and its address

Shaki Regional Scientific Centre, st: L.Abdullayev , 24






(+99455) 623 73 53

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(+99424) 245 12 70