Shukurlu Yusif Hajibala oglu

Place of birth

Azerbaijan Republic, Shaki c., Bash Shabalid village


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Azerbaijan State University, Faculty of Physics

Scientific degree

PhD in Physics and mathematics



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"Molecular-kinetic mechanisms of targeted changing the physical properties of proteins"

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Basic scientific achievements

One of the books dubbed "Structural proteins" by Yusif Shukurlu is of 23, 6 pages monograph in Russian, covering thirty years of scientific studies and published at the "Elm” publishing-house of ANAS in 2006. In 2008, Light dispersion" textbook was published at the “Muellim” publishing-house of ATI. The other book is scientific-fiction novel “Yetti”, consisting of 14, 25 pages, dedicated to the formation of human on Earth, and relied on Cosmopaelocontact theory. In 2004, his fiction book “Pink jacket” composed of poems, stories and tales in 14, 5 pages was released. Yusif Shukurlu is a member of Azerbaijan Writers' Union since June 11, 2007.

Yusif Shukurlu’s lecture on general physics, theoretical physics, theoretical mechanics, electrical engineering and radio electronics, including biophysics subjects, seminars and laboratory work carried out, are being highly evaluated by the employees of the Department of Nature Sciences and Training Methodology, as well as the management of branch. Yusif Shukurlu’s lectures differ for its modern scientific level, originality, detailed interpretation of themes and use of modern information and communication technology.

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Sheki RSC of ANAS, Azerbaijan Republic, Sheki city, L.Abdullayev str.24



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(+994 24) 2461712 


(+994 50) 6556868

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