The article of the director of ANAS SRSC, PhD on physics-mathematics, docent Yusif Shukurlu has been accepted to be published in “PERIÓDICO TCHÊ QUÍMICA” journal
Mar 12, 2020 | 12:00

The article  named “The  effect  of selenium on the supramolecular  structure  and  thermal characteristics  of  fibroin Bombyx  mori  L” authored by the director of ANAS  SRSC, PhD on physics-mathematics,  docent  Yusif  Shukurlu  has been accepted  to  be  published in “PERIÓDICO TCHÊ QUÍMICA” journal  that is currently  indexed  by  Scopus  database.  The  director of SRSC, PhD on physics-math, docent  Yusif  Shukurlu’s  article  named  “The effect of selenium on the supramolecular structure  and  thermal  characteristics  of  fibroin  Bombyx  mori  L” was  discussed  in the 25th International  Sericulture  and  Silk  Industry  Congress  held on November 19-22, 2019 in Japan, Tsukuba.