Application of anthocyanins and pectins in the bioextract of Smilax leaf as natural dyes and food additives
Apr 12, 2022 | 12:00

A scientific article named "APPLICATION OF BIOEXTRACT OF SMILAX AUTUMN-WINTER LEAVES CONTAINING ANTHOCYANINS AND PECTIN AS A NATURAL DYE AND FOOD ADDITIVE" by Vefa Atayeva the scientific researcher of “Ecological biophysics” department of ANAS Sheki RSC, whom co-author with the director of the Center PhD on physics, docent Y.H.Shukurlu, and scientific researcher of “Ecological biophysics” department Khayal Valibeyov has been published in "MODERN SCIENCE: INNOVATIONS AND PROSPECTS" Proceedings of VII International Scientific and Practical Conference journal.  In the article food and light industry products being environmentally friendly and economic efficiency have been noted as the top issues.  For this purpose, a rich bioextract with anthocyanins in the presence of citric acid was obtained from the dark red leaves of the Smilax plant in the autumn-winter period. The use of this bioextraction for the staining of silk fibroin (protein-derived biopolymer) both directly and by removing pectins from the bioextract has been studied and its efficiency has been compared. Due to the fact that the obtained bioextract is rich in bioactive substances, the production of food and beverages with such natural dyes and food additives is especially relevant.

The main purpose of the presented work is to study the possibilities of efficient extraction of anthocyanins and pectins from the leaves of Smilax plant, ecological separation of pectins, application of these dyes and pectins. With high free radical cleansing activity, the extract of the leaves of this plant can benefit the textile and food industries. We wish success to our employees in her scientific activities.