An event dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Khojaly tragedy was held on February 25, 2022 in Sheki RSC of ANAS
Feb 25, 2022 | 11:00

First, the memory of the victims of the tragedy was commemorated with a minute of silence. Opening the event, the director of Sheki RSC, PhD on Physics, docent Y.H. Shukurlu spoke about the international recognition of the events as a result of the purposeful policy pursued by the Azerbaijani leadership over the past 30 years after the Khojaly tragedy.

   The head of the "Historical Heritage and Ethnography" department R. Hasanov spoke about the history, essence and Armenian vandalism of the Khojaly tragedy. He stressed that the genocide was historically repeated by Armenians.

  The head of the of “Landscape” Department, PhD in Geology-Mineralogy, H. Mustafabeyli shared his views on the ongoing social and political processes in the country, the incomplete activities of the country's leadership and the path to the Khojaly tragedy.

  Junior scientific worker of “Folklore and Arts” department T.Adishirinov expressed his views on the coverage of the Khojaly tragedy in modern Azerbaijani literature.

Then the participants shared their views about the Armenian character, provocations, the policy of genocide against the Turkish-Muslim population in different historical periods.

At the end of the event, videos and photo stands reflecting fragments related to the Khojaly tragedy were viewed.