The next meeting of scientific council of SRSC was held in
Feb 09, 2018 | 05:13

         The director of SRSC PhD on physics Y.Shukurlu informed about the decision number 3.4 of January 24, 2018 of ANAS Presidium on scientific and scientific organizational action of ANAS SRSC and noted that the executed researches in 2017 on all fields were valued and approved highly.

         The scientific secretary of SRSC PhD on math. V.Abdurahmanov explained the new membership of the Scientific Council. The new membership consisting of 17 people was affirmed. The list of the affirmed places for entering dissertation on the preparation of Philosophy Doctor for ANAS Sheki Regional Scientific Center was also explained. For 2018, 9 employees of SRSC will continue their education in 9 scientific research institutes (one place in each institute) of ANAS.

         Assistant director on scientific affairs of SRSC, PhD on biology F.Azizov performed about work plans of department heads and scientific workers of SRSC. Work plans of each department and scientific worker for 2018 were listened and affirmed.

        The membership of the Attestation Commission of SRSC P.Zakirova reported about the execution of the decision of “About the attestation of employees” based on the requirement of “Organizing the attestation of scientific workers, specialists and scientific service workers” which noted in the item of 6.024 of the Azerbaijan Republic law about Science in the assembly  of Scientific Council of ANAS SRSC dated November 30, 2017. According to the results it has been determined that most of the employees are appropriate to their position. It has been offered about increasing wage rate and position of some employees.