Communication is gold
Nov 02, 2017 | 09:51

         The outstanding biologist and genetic, Nobel Prize laureate, 89 years old James Watson gained the name of the Doctor of Honorary Sciences of Saint Petersburg State University. He was deserved this name for his scientific discovers which defining the development of molecular biology in the second part of the XX century. At the end of the ceremonial event the scholar who discovered DNA double spiral spoke about his scientific action and life to the students, and advised them who wanted to make academic career.

       James Watson entered the university at the age of 15, the beginning of his scientific action he was busy with ornithology then he was interested in genetics and in 1962 (with his colleagues Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkinson) he gained Nobel Prize in the field of physiology and medicine for his discover of double DNA spiral- that was the beginning of new era in the field of biology, medicine and other sciences. Besides that, James Watson was busy with oncology during many years, and with the exploration of the genetics of cancer disease in Cold-Spring-Harbor laboratory for 25 years. The scholar had also made “Human Genetics” project explaining consistency of human DNA, and in the last years he was busy with exploring the genetics of psychological diseases.

      Past relations connect James Watson with Saint Petersburg State University. He reported in front of the students of this university for many times. He noted in the performance in Saint Petersburg State University that, “It is 65 years of DNA double spiral discover and today I wait new successes, big revolutions in different science fields. I want to live more for seeing accomplishing our works in biochemists and DNA field successfully. I hope that we will get important results in cancer struggle field for five years, and will gain a victory in this terrible disease”.

      Each scholar doesn’t have a chance as spending “75 unsatisfactory years in science”. He performed with the report named “75 unsatisfactory years in science”, in front of the participants he spoke about his future plans and life rules in the book named “Avoid the trouble. Life lessons in science”.

     “Follow the rules dictated by practice. I have grown up in the environment that doesn’t believe religion. I don’t deny the main ideas of Christianity, we have attitude such as a Christian. I don’t believe in God”. Hypocrisy, follow the social rules shake self-respect. Don’t tell a lie, always support faithfulness. It is not easy, especially for politicians, and religious figures who support definite believes. For example, the opinions of Galileo had been rejected by church or the opinions of genetics by Stalin and supported their successive, liar Lysenko’s opinions”.

      “Don’t wonder that, they consider the young scholars shameless. It is not their guilt. When George Gamow said me that, I reminded him Landau, it was the biggest compliment for me in my life. Surely, I turned a bit shameless, boastful, but I couldn’t influence myself”.

     “I told people everything that I thought, but in America it is impossible to say idiot to an idiot. Whereas, there are many idiots in science too”.

    “Ideas are important from factors. What I learned from university- to think ideas from factors. Mendeleev was busy with these works too- he collected system from factors. To spend my life to factors-it was the most important for me”.

    “Because of not having knowledge base in youth, the ideas appear rarely. That is why it is important to know other's ideas. The most important event in the university for me is to meet “What is life” book of Ervin Schrodinger. In the same book it is said that the transmission of information is one of the important elements of life. After reading the book I decided that, genetics field is more important than learning of the migration of birds that I am busy with”.

    “Choose a young scientific leader to you, perhaps he will busy with the new theme. So, you will busy with the new theme from the beginning”.

    “Don’t be busy with unimportant themes. Always choose important themes, struggle for gold not for silver. I understand that the gold- will be genetics and DNA. I decided, to be busy with DNA after the defense of the dissertation”.

    “It is better to enter the well-known university. You can meet clever people here. If you enter an ordinary university you will meet ordinary people”.

    It is important to share you ideas with others. Rosalind Franklin had to win our competition, discover the structure of DNA, it is a pity, he didn’t connect anybody. It was his idea that DNA was not spiral figure; he thought that he knew everything. The outstanding chemist of his period Lanus Poling made a terrible mistake in chemistry. He presented the DNA structure that couldn’t be exist. The problem is that Poling didn’t connect anybody besides his wife who didn’t know chemistry. But we connect one another, even others”.