The exhibition reflected to the Indonesian culture was held
Jan 28, 2024 | 02:00

On January 28, 2024 the ceremony and exhibition was held by Sheki Executive Power and Embassy of Indonesia in Azerbaijan in Sheki State Dram Theatre. The Embassy of Indonesia in Azerbaijan Hidi Hamid performed and stressed that the main purposes of this ceremony are to ensure the development of Azerbaijan Indonesia cultural relations, and serve the formation of the social relations between the two countries. In the ceremony the exhibition reflected the culture, art, cuisine and tourism of Indonesia was demonstrated.          

The employees of ANAS, Sheki Regional Scientific Center- scientific worker of Ecological Geography department Aygun Ismayilova and the head of library Gunel Musayeva participated in the ceremony. Our employees dealt with the signed memorandum between Sheki RSC and Raul University of Indonesia to the Embassy of Indonesia in Azerbaijan Hidi Hamid. The ambassador expressed his satisfaction with the development of not only political, economic, social relations, but also scientific cooperation between the two countries. At the end, commemorative photos were taken.