The employees of Sheki Regional Scientific Center participated to the event dedicated to the 8th of November- Victory day
Nov 06, 2023 | 03:14

On November 6, 2023 an event named “Father's will and Faithful Victory” dedicated to the 9th on November- Victory day with the support of Sheki State Regional College, with the organization of Sheki “Yukhari Bash” National Historical Architectural Reserve and Sheki Regional Scientific Center of ANAS was held. At the ceremony martyrs’ mothers, the employees of Sheki Regional Scientific Center and Sheki “Yukhari Bash” National Historical Architectural Reserve, teachers and students of Sheki State Regional College were participated.     

National Anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan was sounded and the memory of our martyrs was commemorated with a minute of silence.  

Opening the meeting the director of Sheki “Yukhari Bash” National Historical Architectural Reserve Mammad Ahmadov greeted the participants and congratulated them for Victory day. He noted that it is now the third year that our people live with the celebration of victory of Azerbaijan. The 8th of November- Victory day was engraved the history of Azerbaijan with golden letters.      

Then the deputy director of Sheki State Regional College Rafig Samadov thanked the organizators for the ceremony dedicated to the Victory day for cooperating. He stressed that this great Victory is the result of Supreme Commander Ilham Aliyev’s wise leadership, visionary policy, determination, courage, valor and great faith in our victorious Army.     

Then the Methodist of Sheki State Regional College Parviz Zeynalov spoke. The orator reported about the decisive position of Mr. President Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev and the bravery of the Azerbaijani Army to put an end to Armenian vandalism named his article “Our victory- our pride”. He noted that          

The guide of Sheki "Yukhari Bash" National Historical Architectural Reserve Seljan Mammadova gave an extensive report on "The Second Karabakh War". The speaker shared information about the reasons that prompted the Second Karabakh War, the beginning and progress of the war, and finally the great Victory achieved in just 44 days, and brought to mind the construction and restoration works carried out today on the orders of Mr. President Ilham Aliyev in our lands freed from occupation.

Head of the Public Relations Department of Sheki Regional Scientific Center of ANAS Reyhan Manafova in her speech entitled "I am the Motherland" spoke about the importance of instilling the meaning of sacred concepts such as "Motherland" and "patriotism" to the young generation, that loving the Motherland is the most sublime feeling of attachment to the Motherland, and promoting the education of protecting the interests of the Motherland. She expressed his belief that our glorious victory in the Second Karabakh War will remain forever in the pages of history, and that Azerbaijan will live forever as a victorious nation and a victorious state.

Scientific worker of Shaki "Yukhari Bash" National Historical and Architectural Reserve Zemina Rasulova in her speech entitled "Shusha", freed from the historical monuments of Karabakh, the fact that Shusha attracts attention with its beauty and grandeur, our national-cultural monuments that were destroyed during the occupation, and at the same time, our historical figures who made Shusha known to the world, freed from the enemy. He spoke about the transformation of Karabakh into a paradise thanks to the construction works carried out after its construction. He emphasized that our country is experiencing the third year of victory and that this year's Victory Parade is held in Khankendi is a clear example of this, and this is an important event that adds joy to the joy of the people of Azerbaijan.

Habil Khalilov, an employee of the "History, archeology and epigraphy" department of the Sheki Regional Scientific Center of ANAS, "Karabakh is Azerbaijan!" In his speech, he spoke about the pride and happiness of the Supreme Commander, the victorious Azerbaijan Army, to the people of Azerbaijan. He prayed for the souls of Azerbaijani sons who were martyred for the homeland.

Also, poems with the spirit of Victory, sounded by Parviz Zeynalov, Seljan Mammadova, Reyhan Manafova, and Zamina Rasulova, added color to the event.

At the end, the film "Shusha you are free" was shown.