The employees of Sheki Regional Scientific Center participated in the event "I am Araz, my voice is gloomy Araz"
Nov 03, 2023 | 03:49

On November 3, 2023, an event dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the national poet Mammad Araz was organized by Jafarabad village library branch of Shaki city CLS on the theme "I am Araz, my voice is gloomy Araz". The dear memory of our compatriots, who were martyred for the territorial integrity and independence of Azerbaijan, was commemorated with a minute of silence. Opening the event with the poem "Stand up, Azerbaijan" by Mammad Araz, Jafarabad village intellectual teacher Nariman Samadov greeted the guests and invited Irada Samadova, head of Jafarabad village library branch of Shaki city CLS. Irada khanim spoke extensively about the poet's life and work and emphasized the immortality of Mammad Araz peak. Then Dilbar Yagubova, head of the "Subscription service" department of Sheki city CLS. She talked about Mammad Araz's love for the country and recited various poems from the poet's work. Ahmadiyya Musayev, who worked as a mathematics teacher in Jafarabad village school for many years, shared Mammad Aslan's memories of Mammad Araz with the event participants and recited two poems from the poet's work. The employees of Sheki Regional Scientific Center of ANAS - junior researcher of the "Literary-cultural environment, folklore and ethnography" department, poet Tural Adishirinov, head of the Ecological Biophysics Department Yevgeniya Bekirova, , head of the Public Relations Department, poet Reyhan Manafova Reyhan Manafova participated in the event. In her speech, Reyhan Manafova brought to the attention of the event participants her memory of Mammad Araz, recited the poet's poem "Forget me, deceive me, throw me" and also the piece of her own work called "I am motherland" at the request of the event participants.

At the event, the students of Jafarabad village secondary school Gulbuta Mehdiyeva sounded the poems "Stand up when you say Azerbaijan", Sahila Bekirli and Gulay Chelebili " don't turn white, my hair, don’t turn ", Arzu Suleymanli and Gunel Nabiyeva sounded the poems "It passed me, it hit my brother".

In the end, Elvin Mammadov, a student of Jafarabad village secondary school, performed the songs "World is mine, world is yours, world is nobody's ", "Who will regret".