The ceremony dedicated to the anniversary of January 20 was held in ANAS SRSC
Jan 19, 2023 | 12:00

On January 19, 2023, the ceremony dedicated to the anniversary of the January 20 tragedy was held in Sheki RSC of ANAS. First, the dear memory of the martyrs was commemorated with a minute of silence. Director of Sheki RSC, PhD on physics, associate professor Y.H. Shukurlu noted in his speech that the events of January 20 are engraved in the history of Azerbaijan as the peak of the national freedom movement carried out by our people for independence and freedom. He drew attention to the path leading to the events of January 20, the nature of the subversive policy of the Soviet authorities against the national liberation movement. The head of the "Folklore and crafts" department I. Yusifova reviewed the scale of human losses, crimes and destructions as a result of military aggression during the events of January 20. In that period, the policy of the Azerbaijani leadership was inconclusive and against the national interest. For the first time, the nature of the objective legal and political evaluation of the events of January 20 was explained by the national leader H. Aliyev. The attitude, attention and care of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan I. Aliyev to the families of martyrs were highly appreciated. Then, the head of "Landscape" department, H. Mustafabayli, Ph.D on geology, gave a speech about the socio-political situation in the northwestern region of Azerbaijan during January events, and the characteristics of the national liberation movement. In his speech, he also commented on the issues of how the events were reflected in the Soviet press at that time. The head of "Ecological Geography" department Y. Rahimov looked at the geopolitical processes taking place in the Caucasus at the end of the 20th century, the support of the Soviet leadership in the events, and the Armenian provocations carried out in Azerbaijan. Later, a photo exhibition and a video clip depicting the events of January 20 were viewed.