Scientific achievements of the employees of ANAS SRSC
Oct 06, 2022 | 04:01

Scientific articles of the employees of ANAS, Sheki RSC were published in the “Jotcs Journal of the Turkish Chemical Society Chemistry” (2022, 9(4):999-1006 international rated scientific journal. 

The authors of the article named  “Chemical Composition and Biological Active Substances from Hazelnut Green Leafy Covers” are the deputy director of Sheki RSC on scientific affairs, PhD on biology Farhad Azizov, scientific researcher of “Ecological biophysics” department Vefa Atayeva, the head of “Biochemistry of plants”, PhD on biology, docent Zarbali Khalilov, coauthors – scientific researcher of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of the Ministry of Science and Education of Azerbaijan, PhD on biology, docent Nurmammad Mustafayev and scientific researcher of the Institute of Botany Hilal Imanli.    

In the article for the first time 15 biological active substances having mineral elements and main antimicrobial,  anticarcinogenic,  antioxidant and antifungal affects in the content of the ordinary nut plant growing in Azerbaijan have been identified, and using opportunities in dying wool silk  thread and cloth have been affirmed.    

The second article named “EPR-Based study to monitor free radicals in treated silk fibroin with anthocyanins” is the article that the scientific researcher of “Ecological biophysics” department Vefa Atayeva and the scientific worker of the Institute of Biophysics of the Ministry of Science and Education, PhD on physics Rasim Aslanov.

In modern times, bioactive materials of natural origin are relevant due to their multi-functionality and useful properties, so the demand for them in industry and medicine is increasing. The presented work consists of the preparation of bioactive, antioxidant and modified silk fibroin (Bombyx mori L.) biocomposites for dual purpose, which protect against the destructive effects of ultraviolet rays. For this purpose, the water extract of the autumn leaves of the sorghum plant (Cotinus coggygria L.), rich in anthocyanins, was applied. 2% tocarbamide solution was used to increase the resistance of modified SF against external influences and to use it in textiles.