The collective of Sheki Regional Scientific Center of ANAS supports the proposals of Ali Masimli, the deputy of the National Assembly, in the field of science and education.
Oct 04, 2022 | 11:00

The collective of Sheki Regional Scientific Center of ANAS fully supports the proposals of the deputy of the National Assembly, Ali Masimli, and the importance of taking real steps at the state level in the direction of the immediate realization of the problems mentioned by him.

"Azerbaijan 2030: Social - "Azerbaijan 2030: National Priorities for Socio-Economic Development" approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated February 2, 2021 on the approval of "National Priorities for Economic Development" stated: 1. Effective cooperation with advanced international organizations and specialized consulting companies taking into account the importance and importance of the implementation of cooperation and 2. the involvement of relevant state bodies (institutions), scientific organizations, specialists and civil society institutions, the collective of the Sheki RSCof ANAS in 2022-2030 "National strategy for the sustainable development of science ” pleasure by the Sheki RSC of ANAS on development - to the development of science, which plays a leading role in ensuring the sustainable development of science; integration of Azerbaijani science into world science; To ensure the development of science with cumulative laws and to achieve the training of scientists and specialists who are capable of playing a leading role in science, to the formation of a unified management system of science and education technologies, to the state institutions that are relevant to the challenges of the IV Industrial revolution, and to the Scientific- suggestions have been sent to the management of the organization and they are building their work in these directions.

As the national lawyer Ali Masimli suggested, - One of the important problems in the implementation of the priorities is the preparation of new strategies for the implementation of the results, and the urgency of attracting funds to this field is an important issue. Thus, in addition to promoting the commercialization of inventions and patents, which serve to ensure the pragmatism of the results of scientific research, and due to the application of innovative inventions, the country's increased demand for food and medical products is met, and the country spends on importing these products, keeping the currency in the country and, in addition, switching to exporting those products will allow the country to enter additional currency.

We wish the honorable national lawyer Ali Masimli success in his active activities in this field.