The article about the creature of İsmayil bey Nakam in foreign edition
May 29, 2021 | 02:08

The article named “Литературная критика ХХ века о Накама: объективная и ошибочная” (XX century Literal  criticism about Nakam: objectivity and inaccuracies) of leading scientific worker of “Folklore and crafts” department, PhD on philology Kamil Adishirinov  was published in the first issue for 2021 of "Philological Sciences" series of "News" of the National Pedagogical University of Kazakhstan named after Abay.  The author, a researcher of Sheki literary environment, presented an interesting investigation based on various researches, monographs and articles written on the subject in the XX century literary criticism. We congratulate teacher Kamil on this success and wish him continued research.