Architect N. Asgarzade’s Memorial Day
Feb 24, 2017 | 08:21

   On February 17, 2017, the famous architect of our republic, candidate of architecture, honored architect Nargiz khanim Asgarzade’s Memorial Day was held in the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan the building of board of directors. The chairman of the board of directors of the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan Elbay Gasimzade opened the meeting. He spoke about Nargiz khanim’s working at university, showing him the true way in life, and later about the memory of their working shoulder to shoulder. From her family Firangiz khanim, Nigar khanim, from Sheki Regional Scientific Center Aynur Mustafayeva and Quduret Bakirov took part in the event. All the participants spoke about their feelings and thoughts and memories about Nargiz khanim in the given time and begged God’s mercy to the decedent. At the end of the event, the video clip was shown dealing with the architect's life and creature.

            The action of "Folklore and folk arts" laboratory is closely connected with the name of Nargiz khanim who were an honored architect of the country, a very respectable, elderly woman of Scientific Center. Nargiz khanim played a crucial role in ensuring the laboratory with qualified specialists in the period of her working as deputy director on Scientific Affairs of Scientific Center. The decedent poet a well-known pedagogue candidate of philology Nurpasha Hummetli led this laboratory, then Ulduz Murshudova PhD on philology replaced her.

           Owing to broad, comprehensive, practical proposals of Nargiz khanim as a practical specialist in the action of this laboratory, many articles has been published about  kelaghaichilig, types and names of woolen socks, national characteristics of Sheki architecture. Besides the works in Scientific Center, Nargiz khanim took part in social works of the city, communicated with the staff of children’s home, and didn’t refuse her care and attention homeless children. 

           From 1990 till August 1, 2007 Nargiz khanim worked as deputy director on scientific affairs in Sheki Regional Scientific Center. He led “Folk arts” group in the center.

            After Nargiz khanim’s coming to Sheki the reviving took place in the action of Scientific Center, many books and articles began to publish one after another in folklore and folk arts laboratory. Collection of Shaki folklore, learning of folklore of indigenous people living in the region, the works of preparation of scientific staff raised to the level of daily requirements. Two postgraduates defended dissertation thesis. One person’s scientific work presented to defense, one candidate for a degree is on the way to complete his work.   

        In all of the noted achievements, Nargiz khanim had a very great role. 

        She has handed over her rich archive to Scientific Center. There are very valuable information among the archival materials, so they are waiting for researching.

         Today Nargiz khanim is not with us. May she rest in peace and we wish patience relatives and loved ones.  

        Memory of Nargiz Asgarzade will live in the remembrance of those who knew and work with her.