A meeting with EASY service volunteers was held at Sheki RSC of ANAS
Mar 04, 2022 | 12:00

In 04.03.2022, a meeting was held at the Sheki Regional Scientific Center of ANAS with a group of EASY service volunteers consisting of students and pupils of Sheki branch of ADPU, Sheki Regional College, Sheki secondary schools. The meeting was organized by "Historical Heritage and Ethnography" department of Sheki RSC and the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of Sheki RSC. Rahim Hasanov, head of “Historical Heritage and Ethnography Department” informed the volunteers about the history, ethnography and tombstones of the region. EASY service volunteers received information about the activities of Sheki RSC, as well as the activities of the department since its inception and scientific publications. Then the meeting with the volunteers continued in the assembly hall of the Center. The scientific secretary of Sheki RSC Elshan Abdurahmanov informed the volunteers about the Albanian monuments of the North-West region. A scientific researcher of “Historical Heritage and Ethnography Department” Elchin Valiyev noted that such meetings have special importance in increasing the interest of young people in science and the popularization of science. At the end of the event, EASY volunteers were given detailed answers to their questions and presented with a monograph entitled "Armenian provocations in Sheki" authored by R. Hasanov.