The next scientific activities of the scientists of Sheki Regional Scientific Center of ANAS
Jun 07, 2021 | 10:00

The employees of Sheki Regional Scientific Center of ANAS have achieved new scientific achievements.

An initial result of the dissertation work performed by Zarintaj Shukurova, a scientific worker of “Mulberry silkworm selection” department of Scientific Center, dissertation of the Institute of Zoology of ANAS, Decision of the Patent and Trademark Examination Center under the Intellectual Property Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan the “Wild Silkworm Growing Method” was evaluated as an invention and an expert opinion was issued on the publication of the information in the Agency's “Industrial Property” bulletin. The authors of the invention are Z.Shukurova, scientific worker of “Selection of mulberry silkworm” department of Sheki RSC, the director of SRSC, PhD on physics, docent Y.Shukurlu, deputy director on scientific affairs, PhD on biology F.Azizov, head of “Mulberry silkworm selection”, PhD on biology, docent  G. Bakirov.

Now, scientific research works on this topic is continued. The novelty of the proposed invention is that the wild silkworm "Saturdaynia pyri" belonging to the family Satniidae was bred specifically for silkworm breeding, and it was gained specific silk with high durability to its parameters.

The initial results show that compared to traditional mulberry silkworm (Bombyx mori) silk, the silk fibers of Saturn's pyri are durable, twice as strong, and conform well to other textile fibers.

Unlike mulberry silkworm, they are heterotrophic: they feed with the leaves of pears, apples, cherries, and other fruit and berry plants.

The mentioned invention has scientific and economic significance in the direction of “Study and application of new methods and technologies of advanced experience in the field of cocoon and silkworm breeding” of the Action Plan assigned to Sheki Regional Scientific Center of ANAS on “State Program on development of cocoon and silkworm breeding in the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2018-2025”.

The scientists of Scientific Center plan to achieve more successful results, expanding the scope of research in this area now.