Seasonal monitoring has been held by “Ecological geography” department of ANAS Sheki Regional Scientific Center
Aug 20, 2020 | 12:00

In “Ecological geography” department of ANAS Sheki Regional Scientific Center according to the priority directions of “Forecasting and operative information of natural disasters and possible threats in technogenic sphere” of scientific-research works in the Republic of Azerbaijan during 2020-2024 years, scientific investigations on the theme of “Investigation and forecasting ecological position in the flood dangerous areas of North-West part of Azerbaijan”.  

For this reason in January, March and August months of 2020, the monitoring was organized in Sheki,Gaynar and Damarchin branches of Kish, in Mazim, Balakan and Silban rivers of Balakan region.  

“Ecological geography” department continues its work in the direction of learning flood, lightening the struggle against them in the physical and geographical directions, and working their solution in new aspects.  

During the late 5 years the employees of the department participated in 11 International Scientific Conference, 7 Republic Scientific-Practical Conference, 3 scientific article in foreign press, 26 in republic press.