On November 15, 2019 scientific seminar was held in ANAS, Sheki Regional Scientific Center. In the seminar the director of ANAS, Sheki Regional Scientific Center, PhD on physics-math, docent Yusif Shukurlu reported with the theme named “The effect of selenium on the supramolecular structure and thermal characteristics of fibroin Bombyx mori L”
Nov 15, 2019 | 01:21

In the report the factors which have positive effect to physical-mechanical characteristics of silk thread, especially positive changes in fibroin structure with the affection of Se element, and the information about their occurrence mechanism have main place.

The reporter spoke about the perspectives of new directions in future, noted the actuality of this field in world practice, and stressed the importance of innovation that gotten by the specialists of Sheki Regional Scientific Center in this field. 

At the end the reporter answered the questions of the participants and denoted that the proposals will be taken into account.

 Head of “Public relations” department, professor:   F.İbrahimov