Essay competition named “What I know about Imadeddin Nasimi?”
Nov 06, 2019 | 11:14

Sheki Regional Scientific Center of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences holds an essay competition named “What I know about Imadeddin Nasimi?” among pupils of the VIII-XI classes of secondary schools on the date of November 25, 2019 together with Sheki branch of ASPU and Young Scientists and Specialists Council of SRSC.

The competition is hold for development of youth outlook, Nasimi creature among youth, our literature, national-moral values, increasing interest to science.

The themes of essays which will presented to the competition: 

Human in Nasimi lyrics;

Ghazal creativity of Nasimi;

Issues of using aruz rhythm in Nasimi creature;

Reflection of hurufism in Nasimi creature;

Folklore elements in Nasimi creature;

Nasimi creature and national-moral values.

Participation conditions to the competition:

Pupils of the VIII-XI classes of secondary schools of Sheki region can participate in the competition.

Each author can participate in the competition with only one essay on one theme;

The maximum volume of essays should not exceed 2000 words;

The essays must be written in the Azerbaijan language;

Pupils who want to participate in the competition must register by sending their name, surname, father name, exact name of the school and class, and as well as showing contact number to till November 20, 2019.  

 Date and address of the competition: November 25, 2019, Sheki branch of ASPU (Students are given 80 minutes for writing)

The essays will be evaluated by jury members who have sufficient experience in this field within 5 days after the date of the writing contest. After choosing the writings which are original and compiled by properly following the written rules will awarded 1st place (1 person), 2nd place (2 people), 3rd place (2 people) and encouragement (3 people).

You can contact the Organizing Committee with any questions regarding the competition.

Contact number: 050 609 32 03