Invitation to the International Congress
Sep 25, 2019 | 08:16

Invitation to the International Congress

The wide areas of forests and favorable conditions in Azerbaijan provide great prospects for the cultivation of silkworms of wild Satniniidae family. Thus, in China, Japan, India, Argentina and many other countries, different types of non-traditional silkworm have been feeding for a long time. In modern sericulture, silk threads of wild silkworms are gotten not only durable fabrics and yarns, but also high-tech (smart) biomaterials. From this point of view it is necessary to learn and use the possibilities of these wild species living in our forests and gardens. The employees of ANAS Sheki Regional Scientific Academy: PhD on physics-math, docent Yusif Hajibala Shukurlu, scientific worker of “Selection of mulberry silkworm” department, dissertate of ANAS Zoology Institute, biotechnologist Zerintaj Yusif Shukurova, employee of ANAS Zoology Institute, PhD on biology, docent Khalid Ali Aga Aliyev began research works in the direction of learning biological indicators of  Saturnia pyri.  The employees were invited to the 25th International Sericulture and Silk Industry Congress that held on 19th-22nd November 2019 in Japan, Tskuba. The invitation letter was sent to the director of SRSC Yusif Shukurlu by th chairman of the Sericulture in non-Textile Industries and New Silk Applications. In the letter:   your scientific-research reports  named “Prospects of breeding wild species of silkworm of the Giant Peacock Moth in Azerbaijan” and “The effect of selenium on the supramolecular structure and thermal characteristics of fibroin Bombyx mori L” were adopted. In the congress it is planned giving place to your report and poster presentation. We are pleased to see you in Japan, Tsukuba in non- Textile Industries and New Silk Applications section in the 25th International Congress on Sericulture and Silk Industry. Thank you for your cooperation”.

     In the report it was informed about increasing opportunities and growth dynamics of Saturnia pyri wild silkworm in Azerbaijan and will make discussions about the prospects of Saturnia pyri one of the industry importance wild silkworm. So, it was known that, for the first time in the Transcaucasia, it has been started to universal research works of wild silkworm Saturnia pyri and continues.

   It is inconceivable that, in the report that presented in the congress it is shown systematic level of scientific research carried out in recent years in ANAS, successful presentation of the results obtained in various scientific fields at the congresses and symposiums, establishing international relations.


                                                        “Public relations” department of SRSC