Novruz Holiday in SRSC
Mar 19, 2019 | 04:00

On March 19, 2019 the ceremony for “Novruz Holiday” was held in ANAS SRSC.

Deputy director on scientific affairs, PhD on biology Farhad Azizov opened the ceremony. At the ceremony prof. Firedun Ibrahimov reported on the theme of “ Novruz is the national holiday of Azerbaijan”. Chairman of trade union of SRSC Joshgun Memmedov, head of “Ecological geography” department, chairman of the first union of NAP Yusif Rehimov, head of “Biophysics” department Yevgeniya Bekirova, head of “Lancscape” department, PhD on geology-minerology Huseyn Mustafabeyli, head of “Mulberry silkworm selection” department, PhD on biology, docent Guduret Bekirov, head of “Biochemistry of plants” department, PhD on biology Zerbali Khalilov, head of “Folklore and crafts” department Pakize Zakirova and others shared their ideas about the essence and specialties of “Novruz”.   

      The ceremony participants continued their conversation around “Shirin sufre”