The employees of SRSC at an international conference.
Dec 22, 2018 | 12:24

The employees of “Historical Heritage and Ethnography” department of ANAS Sheki Regional Scientific Center Rahim Hesenov, Elshen Abdurahmanov, Aygul Khalilova, Ulker Serkerova, Nargiz Asadullayeva participaten to the III International Conference named “World Azerbaijanis: history and modernity” organized in Baku 21-22 December, 2018. Head of “Historical Heritage and Ethnography” department Rahim Hesenov reported about “Armenian provocations in Sheki district at the first quarter of the XX century”, scientific worker of the department Elshen Abdurahmanov “The first medieval Christian temples of Sheki province of ancient Albania”, Aygul Khalilova, Ulker Serkerova, Habil Khalilov “Sheki “Khan’s graveyard” as a historical-epigraphic source in learning Azerbaijan history”, Nergiz Asadullayeva “Ornamental compositions on grave stones”. At the end of the conference diplomas and gifts were introduced.