Senior Research Fellow at SHRSC, doctorate of the Pedagogical Sciences, Professor and honored Teacher of the Republic of Azerbaijan Firadun Nadir oghlu Ibrahimov published a textbook entitled "The Philosophy, Didactics, and Techniques of Mathematical Education in Secondary Education Schools"
Apr 09, 2018 | 12:57

      The textbook is focused on the challenges of the 21st century and the quality of identity that can be adapted to these challenges, the process of learning human experiences, the complexity of the school world in the techno-ideological-information society, philosophical, logical, psychological, didactic basis of education, the position (value) of mathematical education in the general system, the level and trends of mathematical knowledge, skills, the development of the theory and technology of transferring the habits, the advantages of active training based on the mathematical curriculum model, and the adjustment of the activity and communication of its key components in a new way of thinking are presented as arguments about the content and professional changes in the mathematical education in general education and the process of its implementation. The nature of the mathematical concepts and the process of their formation and the way of teaching definitions is clarified, scientific explanations are given to the concepts of "judgment", "axiom", "theorem" and functions in mathematics teaching, which are interpreted as the purpose and means of training. It is justified that the question, the question and the other types of tasks are an important tool in mathematics teaching (tools are important components of the system), scientific comments are given to the prerequisites and methods of teaching, their nomenclature and classification, ways of entering into a real pedagogical process are highlighted, stages of organization form of interactive training, their features are highlighted, details about valuation mechanisms, evaluation forms, methods, tools and criteria are discussed. In the example of the V-IX grades, the course provides a description of the technology of realization of content standards in mathematics teaching.

            The course is designed for students studying in mathematics and informatics education at high schools, universities, and for math teachers working in secondary schools. Masters and PhD students can benefit from it as well.