In the date of December 1, 2017 the next Scientific Councile of ANAS SRSC was held.
Dec 01, 2017 | 10:45

The reports of the heads of departments of Sheki Regional Scientific Center for 2017 were introduced to the listeners.

      The scientific secretary of SRSC PhD on math. Vugar Abdurahmanov informed about the decision number 12/20 dated November 1, 2017  about the affirmation of “The usage rules of the reading-hall of the collection and systematization center of scientific heritage of the Presidium of ANAS in Azerbaijan. 

      Assistant director on scientific works F.Azizov performed about the discussion of State Programme for 2018-2025 years about the development of silkworm breeding and sericulture in the Azerbaijan Republic.

      PhD on math. Vugar Abdurahmanov informed about the head of “The selection of mulberry silkworm” department PhD on biology Guduret Bekirov's gaining dossent degree on specialty and was decided to discuss in the next scientific councile.

      Besides, scientific secretary V.Abdurahmanov informed about the posessions coming forward from the order No. 702 October 25, 2017 of the President of ANAS about “Legal regulation of official journey of ANAS employees”.