The participation of ANAS SRSC employees in the international conference
Oct 15, 2017 | 08:35

 On October 11, 2017 the international conference named “Folk Culture in Caucasia” was held in Turkey, Kars. The conference was realized by “Ashug Literature and art research center” acting headed by the professor of the university Azerbaijanian scholar RafigImrani with the support of Kars Caucasian University that celebrated 25th anniversary. In the congress about 150 scholars from different countries participated. The performed with the reports of folk culture in Caucasia, language and literature, folklore, music, traditions in 20 sections.

In the second day of the conference Ankara State Turk Folk Music Chorus and Ensemble, famous “Dalga” group consisting of southern Azerbaijanis of Iran, “Ahisha” dance group of Georgia performed with concert programme, created a spirit of holiday mood.

       In the conference the employees of ANAS SRSC “Historical-heritage and Ethnography” department Rahim Hasanov (head of the department), RamilTeymurov and NargizAsadullayeva participated with the theme of “Art in North-west part of Azerbaijan in the XVIII-XX century (gravestones)”, ElshenAbdurrahmanov with (scientific worker) “Beliefs related to stones in Azerbaijan”. The participants were awarded with certificates and different presents.