Scientific Council of ANAS SRSC
Sep 27, 2017 | 11:32

On September 22, 2017 the next meeting of Scientific Council of ANAS SRSC was held. In the meeting the scientific secretary of SRSC PhD on math V.Abdurahmanov introduced half year report of SRSC for 2017.

    The report of deputy director for scientific affairs, PhD on biology F.Azizov about preparing materials for the new booklet of ANAS and introducing Science and Education department was listened.

     It was decided publishing “Explanatory dictionary of geochemistry terms” book of the head of “Landscape” department, PhD on geology-mineralogy H.Mustafabeyli.

     Head of the “Historical Heritage and Ethnography” department R.Hasanov informed about the historical cultural monuments situated in the Reserve area, its neighborhoods and nature prepared by the director of “Sheki Yuxari Bash State Historical Architectural Reserve”Terane Abdullayeva and introduced the last report.

     The information of Attestation Commission of SRCS was listened.

     Also the decisions about being elected Joshgun Memmedov as the head of SRSC “Gene fund and Biodiversity of Plants” department and junior researcher Aygun Ismayilova as leading researcher to SRSC “Ecological Geography” department adopted.