The employees of ANAS Sheki Regional Scientific Center attended in the International conference that held in Uzbekistan, Margilan
Aug 08, 2017 | 11:45

The employees of ANAS SRSC: director of SRSC Y.H.Shukurlu, head of “Selection of mulberry silkworm” department G.M.Bakirov and scientific worker of “Molecular Biophysics” department Y.M.Bakirova attended in International scientific-technical conference that was held under the name of “The importance of scientific integration and the solution of actual issues in textile industry institutions in the organization of production” in Uzbekistan, Margilan on 24-29 July, 2017. The conference was dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Uzbekistan Natural Fibers Scientific Research Institute, restoration and exploration of development ways of sericulture and application of modern innovative technologies in this field. In the conference the silk scientists of many countries such as Poland, Korean, Japan, China, Russia, Tajikistan, India, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, scientists studying natural fibers attended. One of the important issues discussed in the conference is the method of dying plant and protein based fibers with ecological pure paints gained from the plants and searching and preparing technology.

        There were 3 sections of the conference: the first - silk technology, the second- textile materials technology, the third- textile chemistry, theory and economy.

        Z.Y.Shukurlu performed with the article named “Increasing perspectives of the amount of fibroin in biosynthesis”, and Y.M.Bekirova with “Development of sericulture and production of silk”. At the end of the conference a treatment about the cooperation in silkworm breeding field signed between Uzbekistan Natural Fibers Scientific Research Institute (UzNFSRI) and the head of ANAS Sheki Regional Scientific Center