The last meeting of Scientific Council in Sheki Regional Scientific Center
May 31, 2017 | 04:23

On May 30, the meeting of Scientific Council was held in Sheki Regional Scientific Center. The director the center PhD on physics, docent Yusif Shukurlu congratulated the members of Council for May 28, Republic Day.  He noted that, it was the day which Azerbaijan People’s Republic was founded.  May 28, 1918 is the day that each Azerbaijanian feels pride. Azerbaijan people who lived with freedom and dependence wish for centuries, reached his dream in this clear May day at the beginning of the last century. It was declared to the world the establishment of an independed republic based on free, democratic, secular values for the first time in the East. Our people were free from the colonial slavery of Tsar Russia going on more than a century on May 28, 1918, established the first democratic republic of the East. In the very day the Declaration of Independence was adopted in the meeting of Azerbaijan National Council. Establishment of Azerbaijan People’s Republic was a new stage, historical event in our people’s life in the XX century.

The director of the Scientific Center PhD on physics, docent Yusif Shukurlu informed scientific council members about Actions Plan for fulfilling the missions of the decision of the Common meeting of ANAS dated April 28, 2017. He noted that, there are important issues in Actions Plan such as going on the missions about science development of the President Ilham Aliyev, ensuring the close presence of ANAS in realizing “The strategic road map on national economy and the main sectors of economy”, preferring scientific researches with priority-way in ANAS. Besides that, enlarging scientific research works on the fields of biotechnology, genetics, and biophysics and intensifying staff training, preferring the researches about ecology, biology and geology of the Caspian sea, ensuring priority of scientific researches in Azerbaijani studies direction, enlarging international scientific relations, being formed material-technical base and human resources of High Technologies Park of ANAS, intensifying information maintenance of science in “Electronic science” project, and other issues reflected.   

PhD on biology, assistant director on scientific affairs of the center F.Azizov informed about the results of scientific and scientific organizational action of Sheki Regional Scientific Center for 2016, the missions for realizing the decision dated March 15, 2017 of the Presidium of ANAS, about the implementation of the order of the Presidium of ANAS number 66 dated April 19, 2017 confirming the methods of “Determining quality and quantity of the damage to the Azerbaijan Republic as a result of spreading state secret formed information about the action of ANAS”.

PhD on mathematics scientific secretary of SRSC V.Abdurahmanov informed about specifying the main directions of scientific research works of ANAS SRSC and the discussion of work plans of SRSC employees that were attached dissertation and doctorate of ANAS Institutes.

Head of “Gene fund and biodiversity of plants” department of SRSC J.Memmedov reported about the participant of the employees of ANAS SRSC in Hazelnut symposium organized in The Turkey Republic.

Head of “Selection of mulberry silkworm” department of SRSC PhD on biology G.Bekirov reported about “Improving heterozis energy of mulberry silkworm introduced in Azerbaijan”.

Scientific council finalized with the discussion of “Current issues” which were the last issue in the diary of the meeting.