Sheki Regional Scientific Academy is represented in the III International Hamza Nigari Turkish World Cultural Symposium
May 19, 2017 | 12:41

On May 17-18, 2017 the III International Hamza Nigari Turkish World Cultural Heritable Symposium that organized by ASPU and its Shamakhi branch, Amasia University of the Turkey Republic, Amasia Azerbaijan Turks Culture, Art and Solidarity Association, and Help Social Association of Learning Heritage Cultural Legacy and was held in Shamakhi branch of ASPU.  In the symposium head of “Relations with Society and Popularization of Science” department of Sheki Regional Scientific Academy, doctorates of Ancient Turkish Literature department of Istanbul University Reyhane Selimova and the head of “Folklore and crafts” department,  candidate for a degree of Azerbaijan University Pakize Zakirova  participated with the topic named “Turkey theme in the creature of Arif Abdullazadeh” .

For being represented in the symposium on the basis of the instruction being sent by Organization comitee the article named “Divine love in gazals “To you” and “If you want” of Mir Hamza Nigari Efendi” was prepared and our employee performed with the same theme. The article was listened curiously by the participants, and made discussions in the new directions of analysing Hamza Nigari’s Divan and Azerbaijan philologic.

In the symposium that organized on the basis of the presiden’s  order of the Azerbaijan Republic about proclaiming 2016 as “Multiculturalism year” in the Azerbaijan Republic dated January 11, 2016 being represented Sheki Regional Scientific Center is an important issue.  

In the ceremony Turkey Amasia University, Marmara University, Istanbul University, Necmettin Erbakan University, Chankiri Karatekin University, Italy Yokoku Association, 25 people from Macedonia, well-known academicians of our republic Isa Habibbeyli, Mukhtar Imanov, Teymur Kerimli, rector of APSU professor Jafar Jafarov and the directors of Agjabadi,Guba, Jalilabad, Sheki branches of the university, the first deputy of the head of Shamakhi Executive Power Gasim Gasimov, about 150 scientific worker from many scientific places and cultural centers of Azerbaijan, also guests from Seyid Hamza Nigari generation, pressmen, professor-teacher and student staff participated. 

The last decision adopted about the discussed problems in the symposium and the certificates presented to the participant.