The last meeting of Scientific Council was held in Sheki Regional Scientific Center
May 04, 2017 | 03:31

The meeting of Scientific Council was held in Sheki Regional Scientific Center on May 3. Director of the center PhD on physics doc. Yusif Shukurlu informed council members that, it is nominated 29 candidates to full, 143 candidates to corresponding membership of ANAS.  As a result of the election it is elected 16 people to full, 25 people to corresponding membership. The chairman of scientific council presented names and duties of elected members to council members. Council members being acquainted with the results congratulated full and corresponding members, wished them new scientific achievements. 

The other problem of the dairy of scientific council dated on May 3, 2017 was the information about the 8th international conference of BACSA on the theme of “Climate changes and chemical reagents – new researches in sericulture”. The director of the center Yusif Shukurlu who informed about the organization of the conference preparation in high level, meeting of the guests, also the progress of the conference work  expressed deep gratitude to all employees for their help in the organization of the work.

About the works of improving creating, saving, protecting and using process of intellectual property in ANAS, assistant director on scientific issues F.Azizov PhD on biology  reported.

 The problem of electing the head of “Genefund and Biodiversity of plants” department of SRSC empowered to Joshgun Memmedov who worked as a scientific worker of this department. 

It was cleared determining the issue of research directions of the departments of SRSC.